About Suntory

Suntory® Collection Spring Introductions - As we roll out our new introductions, we will feature three very important and interesting themes for the Suntory® Collection.

Ease of Use - This very important feature will allow growers, brokers and retailers to easily choose the varieties for their programs. We have devoted a lot of time and energy to make certain we have noly the very best varieties in our program.

Introduction of New Series - We will introduce a new series in the Suntory® program for North America, this series out sold existing varieties when it was introduced in Japan and Europe.

Introduction of New Species - We will introduce a brand new category of product as a welcome addition to the Suntory® Collection family. Since the ground-breaking introduction of vegetative Surfinia® Petunias to the world markets, we have continued the legacy of bringing to the market brand new or highly improved species from our highly acclaimed breeding team.

Million Bells® Calibrachoa, Tapien® Verbena, Temari® Verbena, SUmmer Wave® Torenia, are a few of the many new species introduced by SUntory® over the last few years. New colors will be introduced for some of the latest entries to the Suntory® Collection family of genera, such as: Surdiva® Scaevola, Desana® Ipomoea, Senetti® Pericallis, Suntory® Chrysocephalum, and Sun Parasol® Mandevilla.

We take pride in the fact that we have varieties which have excellent garden performance and outstanding longevity. We will continue with our corporate philosophy of placing value in the outstanding characteristics of Suntory® varieties, while at the same time we continue to improve the Suntory® species with important traits such as earliness and compactness, without sacrificing excellent performance and longevity.

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