Angel Earrings® Fuchsia

These heat and sun-tolerant Fuchsias expand the possibilities for planting. Plants are more compact, increasing production density and shelf life. Try the upright varieties in pots or as bedding. Trailing varieties are perfect for baskets.

Plant Info

Angel Earrings® is a brand name given to an outstanding series of Fuchsias which are very heat tolerant and have outstanding garden performance with continuous blooming. Habits vary between varieties from trailing to upright.

Habit, Application & Care

Habit: Preciosa, Dainty, Double Red, Mauve & Snowfire –Upright, Cascading – Trailing & White – Mounding. Upright Varieties: 10-14 inches in height & spread up to 12 inches. Semi Trailing Varieties: 15-20 inches in height & spread up to 28 inches. Trailing Varieties: 10-14 inches in height & spread up to 12 inches.

Application: Angels Earrings® are ideal in potted containers, window boxes, hanging baskets, but are also very adaptable as bedding plants in ground landscaping.

Care: The plant loves heat and warmth, keep in good light and no pruning necessary.

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Tips From Garden Experts
Helpful Hints from Danny Takao
Danny Takao, Takao Nursery, CA

Angel Earrings® Fuchsias have the ability to keep flowering even in our warm weather, and in Fresno, we get quite warm. They have a higher flower count and are self-cleaning, making maintenance for gardeners a breeze. They come in a nice array of colors and habits.

Angel Earrings® look best in 1-gallon pots to larger sizes and hanging baskets, depending on the habit you choose – upright, trailing or semi-trailing. They are also more compact than traditional fuchsias, which makes them easier to ship.For pots, use the up-rights such as Dainty, Double Red, Mauve and Preciosa. For baskets or combos, use Cascading, Snowfire or White, because they have more of a trailing habit.


Chris Spanton, UK Breeder

Put in the sun.

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