Desana® Ipomoea

Suntory® presents Desana® sweet potato vine in three dramatic colors. Desana® adds color, texture and drama to combination plantings without dominating the container.

Plant Info

Desana® is a brand name given to a group of Ipomoeas, all have a compact habit and make excellent combination plantings. Desana® is very heat and humidity tolerant and all varieties have showy foliage.

Habit, Application & Care

Habit: Trailing/Semi- mounding. Spread: 18-42 inches.

Application: Desana® Ipomoeas are ideal for hanging baskets, combinations, potted containers, window boxes & bedding.

Care: Maintain moisture and constant feed with a complete water-soluble fertilizer to ensure strong growth. Transplant as the plant grows & pinch early not to encourage side shoots.

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Sun-Fire Nurseries, Sarasota

Desana Ipomoeas are a newer product for me and much more different than the tropical’s I grow. Unlike other vegetative annuals, USDA’s phytosanitary restrictions require ipomoeas to be propagated in the United States. Unrooted cuttings cannot be imported. Growers can buy rooted and unrooted cuttings from Sun-Fire Nurseries in Florida.

Desana’s best trait is intense foliage color that does not fade, along with a nice variation in leaf shape. Plants are compact and controlled for ipomoea, but not too compact. Desanas work nicely in combination with other plants or in hanging baskets or in window boxes by themselves.


Chris Spanton, UK Breeder

Loves the hot sun, pinch the growth to get a good shaped plant.

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