Ilumina® Scoparia
Lemon Mist Improved

‘Ilumina® Lemon Mist’ may look dainty, but it can take the heat. Truly unique plant with a nice, sweet fragrance. Brightens combination plantings and borders.

Plant Info

Ilumina® is a trade mark for a plant called Scoparia. It has an upright mounding habit and has the unusual fragrance of red licorice.

Flowers are very dainty, star shaped and produced in abundance, it loves high light and heat. Another plant which is low maintenance as it is self-branching and cleaning.

Habit, Application & Care

Habit: Upright, mounding. Height: 9-14 inches. Spread: 18-24 inches.

Application: Scoparias are ideal for pots, hanging baskets, combinations, window boxes & landscapes.

Care: As Scoparia is self-branching and cleaning, care is low just keep in high light and heat for best growth. Maintain moderately moist media/soil & constant feed with a complete water-soluble fertilizer is required.

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Fragrant and Beautiful Ilumina® Scoparia
Beautiful, Fragrant Ilumina® Scoparia Lemon Mist
Tips From Garden Experts
Botany Lane Greenhouse, Lafayette

‘Ilumina Lemon Mist Improved’ Scoparia is a unique plant that no one else offers. It’s ideal for 4-inch crop production. With just one pinch, you’re good to go! It is not a challenge to grow. It’s more of an accent plant than a mono crop item. Plants are nice and fragrant and don’t overtake combination plantings. Flowers are vibrant yellow with nice green foliage. Ilumina makes a beautiful groundcover for walkways and edges.


Chris Spanton, UK Breeder

No need to dead head (remove dead flowers), place near a seating area as this plant gives off fragrance.

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