Marietta® Bidens
Gold Spark

Lush, compact and constantly in bloom! This superb, mounding variety brings luminous color to hanging baskets, window boxes and planters of all sizes.

Plant Info

Marietta® is a trade mark for a compact form of Bidens aurea. Bidens is a very proven performer in the bedding plant industry. Marietta® is constantly in bloom and has an excellent mounding with a large quantity of golden yellow blooms.

Habit, Application & Care

Habit: Mounding, compact. Height 14-18 inches & spread 24-30 inches.

Application: Bidens are ideal for pots, hanging baskets, combinations, window boxes & landscapes.

Care: Maintain moderately moist soil. Constant feed with a complete water-soluble fertilizer.

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Great rain tolerance, no need to remove dead blooms.

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