Million Bells® Trailing Calibrachoa
Trailing Yellow

The original Million Bells® are still best sellers, thanks to their vigorous growth, profuse blooming and demonstrated garden performance.

Plant Info

Million Bells® is a trade mark for the world renowned Calibrachoea from Suntory®, the first breeder to introduce this species to the worlds plant market. Million Bells® is an extremely tolerant of all conditions profuse flowering all the varieties are trailing in habit.

Habit, Application & Care

Habit: Low-growing, vigorous trailing. Height: 2-6 inches. Length: 24 inches. Spread: up to 48 inches.

Application: Million Bells® Trailing are ideal for hanging baskets, patio pots, combinations, window boxes and landscapes.

Care: Needs low maintenance. Do not over water when young. Pinch the plant early on to encourage breaks & extra flowers. Constant feed with a complete water-soluble fertilizer is needed.

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Tips From Garden Experts
Barone Garden, Cicero, New York

When working with Million Bells calibrachoas, start them warm in a well-drained soil mix, then finish cool after they are well established. The key is to keep the pH down to help prevent Thielaviopsis root rot, which is less persistent in media with a lower pH. We can use an acid feed with added iron, based on a soil test to accomplish this. Calibrachoas respond well to added iron.

We’ve found an aggressive, preventative fungicide drench to be worthwhile in establishing this crop and maintaining it. As the plants are established, plant growth regulator treatments of Florel or B-Nine are used. We pinch as needed to shape. Bonzi drench treatments are used later in the season and we like to use multiple lower-dose applications. For combination plantings, I love the trailing Million Bells. Blue ’09 with Yellow and Magenta is an outstanding one.

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