Summer Wave® Bouquet Torenia
Bouquet Deep Rose

Summer Wave® Bouquets have been well-received and offer a wide range of unique colors.

They are early flowering and compact without sacrificing garden vigor. These plants are so easy to grow and will bloom profusely year round in mild climates.

Plant Info

The most enjoyable Torenia that blooms early from spring through summer, and one of the earliest-flowering Torenia’s around. They ask for so little other than wonderful large flowers which bloom profusely.

Vigorous but maintaining compactness and easy to grow with no pinching requirement when in the garden. Super low maintenance with continuous blooming all year round in moderate climate.

Habit, Application & Care

Habit: Mounding & compact in habit. Height: 6-8 inches. Spread: up to 20 inches.

Application: Summer Wave® Torenia’s are ideal for shady borders, hanging baskets, combinations, window boxes, landscapes & patio containers.

Care: Shady situations also suit Summer Wave®. It prefers moist soil & high nitrogen fertilizer with every other watering. In ground, fertilize once a month. Use peat and perlite mixture. It is self- cleaning, pinch as a small plant to encourage breaks and a good habit.

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Danny Takao, Takao Nursery, CA

The Summer Wave and Summer Wave Bouquet Torenias make good gallons and combos for the semi-shady areas. The new Bouquet subseries is more compact and needs very little pinching. Plants are nice in gallons, combos or border plantings. The original Summer Waves have a more vigorous trailing habit and can be used nicely in baskets or combos.

For consumers with partial shade areas, the torenias perform well in either combos or in-the-ground beds. They have a semi-compact habit, making them good for semi-shady borders, and their unique colors really brighten up those boring areas. Since most annuals require full sun, torenias are a great option for areas with partial sun.

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