Summer Wave® Trailing Torenia
Large Amethyst

Summer Wave® Torenia’s flower all season, yielding a much higher bloom count than others. With a lush, trailing habit and vigorous growth, they're perfect for shady beds or hanging baskets. Self- cleaning and well-branching, they require very little maintenance.

Plant Info

Summer Wave® is a trade mark given to a collection of Torenias. Suntory® Torenia’s thrive in the heat where others wilt and they tolerate dry soil. Blooms are self- cleaning, plants branch well and have a lush trailing habit.

Habit, Application & Care

Habit: Spreading & trailing in habit. Height: 6-10 inches. Spread: more than 30 inches.

Application: Summer Wave® Trailing Torenia’s are ideal for shady borders, hanging baskets, combinations, window boxes, landscapes & patio containers.

Care: Shady situations also suit Summer Wave®. Feed with a complete water-soluble fertilizer monthly. Torenia’s are best when kept slightly on the dry side. Use peat and perlite mixture. It is self cleaning, pinch as a small plant to encourage breaks and a good habit.

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Danny Takao, Takao Nursery, CA

The Summer Wave and Summer Wave Bouquet Torenias make good gallons and combos for the semi-shady areas. The new Bouquet subseries is more compact and needs very little pinching. Plants are nice in gallons, combos or border plantings. The original Summer Waves have a more vigorous trailing habit and can be used nicely in baskets or combos.

For consumers with partial shade areas, the torenias perform well in either combos or in-the-ground beds. They have a semi-compact habit, making them good for semi-shady borders, and their unique colors really brighten up those boring areas. Since most annuals require full sun, torenias are a great option for areas with partial sun.


Chris Spanton, UK Breeder

Plant in hot and dry locations for best results.

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