Sundiascia® Diascia
Upright Rose Pink

Sundiascia® is a completely new form of diascia that offers market benefits along with a stunning show of colors. This new shape also saves growing and shipping space and prevents breaks from the center. Exceptional display of blooms over a very long period.

More robust than other Diascia with longer flower spikes, they will give a stunning display in containers and borders all summer long and into the autumn.

Plant Info

Tall stems display 3-inch flower spikes boldly. Mix in early season containers as a gorgeous upright thriller. Long flowering. Perfect for containers and borders. Slug proof. Cut back after each flush of flowers to encourage more flowering.

Habit, Application & Care

Habit: Upright in habit. Height: 12-15 inches. Spread: 18-20 inches.

Application: Sundiascia® Diascias are ideal for pots and landscapes. Great as thriller in combinations.

Care: It is self-cleaning, pinch as a small plant to encourage breaks and a good habit. Best when kept slightly on the dry side. Use peat perlite mixture and feed with a complete water-soluble fertilizer. Shady situations also suit Sundiascia® Diascia.

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Can also be a perennial and it will flower year on year.

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