Sungelonia® Angelonia
Deep Pink

Perfect for patio containers and landscapes, Sungelonia® Angelonias offer superb heat and humidity tolerance throughout the summer. Plants have excellent branching and bloom profusely. Deep pink is especially noteworthy.

Unlike the others, the uniformity of our new Angelonia emphasizes an elegant upright look that creates the essence of beauty.

Plant Info

It’s notable for its compactness, uniformity and excellent branching habit, which is dominant throughout the series. Brilliant flower color, which contrast wonderfully with the dark green glossy foliage.

Excellent heat, humidity and drought tolerance, and flowers will continue to bloom profusely and retain its shape throughout summer, an all-round excellent performer.

Habit, Application & Care

Habit: Upright & compact in habit. Height: 12-15 inches. Spread: 8-12 inches.

Application: Angelonias are ideal for patio containers, combinations, bedding, borders and landscapes.

Care: This plant loves full sun light. Maintain moist soil. Constant feed of 200ppm nitrogen with a complete water soluble fertilizer is required.

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Tips From Garden Experts
Barone Garden, Cicero, New York

I’ve grown Sungelonia for two seasons now and have been quite impressed. They are more com- pact and are earlier to flower than other series out on the market. They still like warmer tempera- tures and are better suited for the latter half of May in Northern areas.

We did not use any plant growth regulators and pinched them once with great results. They have super deep-green foli- age and excellent flower count. They are just gorgeous and easy to grow. Sungelonias work well in containers and combinations. They finish well in 4-inch and 5-inch pots. Use multiple liners for pots that are 8 inches or larger.


Chris Spanton, UK Breeder

Loves to be planted in full sun.

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