Suntory® Lobelia Compact
Compact Pink

Suntory® Lobelia was bred for heat tolerance and offers good summer performance, a trend in Lobelia breeding. Suntory® is available in four colors – Compact Sky Blue, Compact Pink Compact White and Compact Blue. It is upright with dense and heavy flowering.

Plant Info

This plant blooms early and is uniform across the series. In addition to being able to be grown at cool temperatures to save energy, no plant growth regulators are required. Plants are very floriferous and hold their mounded shape.

Habit, Application & Care

Habit: Compact & mounding in habit. Height: 8-15 inches. Spread: 6-12 inches.

Application: Suntory® Lobelias are ideal for pots, bedding, combinations, window boxes and hanging baskets.

Care: Keep in high light and heat for best growth. Maintain moderately moist media/soil. Constantly feed with a complete water-soluble fertilizer. Use peat / perlite media and keep plants in small medium containers.

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Helpful Hints from Chris Spanton
Chris Spanton, UK Breeder

Just plant it and let it grow, it needs no further help other than water and feed.

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