Temari® Patio Verbena
Patio Rose

Temari® Patio varieties have a growth habit unlike any other verbena. Strong, centrally branched plants form tall mounds of color quickly. Great combined with trailing types in patio pots. Plants produce vibrant color through fall.

Plant Info

Temari® Patio Verbena is a trade mark given to a range of broad leaved verbena. Blooms are large and are produced throughout the growing season. Temari® is resistant to powdery mildew.

Habit, Application & Care

Habit: Upright & mounding in habit. Height: up to 16 inches. Spread: 18-28 inches.

Application: Ideal for patio containers, hanging baskets, window boxes, landscapes and combinations.

Care: Pinch the plant early on to get a good shape and give plenty of air movement. Maintain moderately moist soil. Constantly feed with a complete water-soluble fertilizer. Use peat/perlite when planting into containers.

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Tips From Garden Experts
Danny Takao, Takao Nursery, CA

The Tapiens and Temaris set the standard for all verbenas. ‘Tapien Blue Violet’ is probably the number one verbena in the California market. With low disease issues, Tapien verbenas have become the mainstay in the landscape and in warmer areas continue to flower throughout the year.

The best presentation for verbenas is in 4-inch, quarts and gallons. Temaris are well-suited to combos or hanging baskets with their more vigorous growth habit. Plant one liner per 4-inch through gallon-size pots. For combos or baskets, depending on the size and desired effect, plant one to three liners.

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