Potted Containers

These heat and sun-tolerant Fuchsias expand the possibilities for planting. Plants are more compact, increasing production density and shelf life. Try the upright varieties in pots or as bedding. Trailing varieties are perfect for baskets.

Crackling Fire® is the next generation of boliviensis begonias. Crackling Fire® is more sun tolerant than other begonias and presents well as premium 4-inch or basket.

Suntory® presents Desana® sweet potato vine in three dramatic colors. Desana® adds color, texture and drama to combination plantings without dominating the container.

‘Ilumina® Lemon Mist’ may look dainty, but it can take the heat. Truly unique plant with a nice, sweet fragrance. Brightens combination plantings and borders.

This unique, premium item is easy to grow and care for and should attract interest at retail. Plants are self-branching and self-cleaning. As an added benefit, Lofos® are naturally resistant to disease and insects.

Grow something truly unique. This marvellous vine blooms early and continues throughout most of the year. Trumpet-shaped flowers and grapevine leaves bring elegance to hanging baskets and patio containers.

Lush, compact and constantly in bloom! This superb, mounding variety brings luminous color to hanging baskets, window boxes and planters of all sizes.

Consumers love the spectrum of colors in Million Bells® Calibrachoas. The hybrids bred by Suntory® are vigorous, heat tolerant and amazingly prolific. They bloom well into fall.

The original Million Bells® are still best sellers, thanks to their vigorous growth, profuse blooming and demonstrated garden performance.

Moonlight Eclipse® Petunia is a new variety that is sure to capture consumer interest with deep blue violet flowers and striking light green edge that's completely on trend.

Princettia® is a collection of entirely new euphorbia hybrids that are captivating consumers all over the world. Four beautiful shades of pink make them a perfect fit as a gift plant. Princettia® can even be used in the landscape in mild climates.

Baby Senetti® is a series that offers advantages for mass market growers and retailers. Plants are more compact for production, shipping and finish in smaller pots.

Three solid and two bicolors are available. Flowers are smaller but still very high in number.

Kick off your spring season with Senetti®! In addition to thriving in temperatures as low as 35˚F, Senetti® provides high color impact when we need it the most in vivid blues, magentas, violets and stunning bicolors.

Senetti® is unique in its re-blooming ability. Flowers bloom from early spring until summer.

Bloom count can be as high as 200 on a plant grown in a 10-inch pot. Senetti® is available in 11 gorgeous colors.

Kick off your spring season with Senetti®! In addition to thriving in temperatures as low as 35˚F, Senetti® provides high color impact when we need it the most in vivid blues, magentas, violets and stunning bicolors.

Senetti® is unique in its re-blooming ability. Flowers bloom from early spring until summer.

Bloom count can be as high as 200 on a plant grown in a 10-inch pot. Senetti® is available in 11 gorgeous colors.

Summer Wave® Bouquets have been well-received and offer a wide range of unique colors.

They are early flowering and compact without sacrificing garden vigor. These plants are so easy to grow and will bloom profusely year round in mild climates.

Summer Wave® Torenia’s flower all season, yielding a much higher bloom count than others. With a lush, trailing habit and vigorous growth, they're perfect for shady beds or hanging baskets. Self- cleaning and well-branching, they require very little maintenance.

Create new markets with Sun Parasol® Garden Crimson – the first true bedding plant mandevilla. Plants produce large, crimson blooms in 4-inch pots. Powerful branching creates low breaks in the plant, which leads to more blooms.

Sun Parasol® Giant Mandevillas are superior disease resistance and the ability to produce even more large flowers. They have a vigorous growing habit, coarse foliage and are natural climbers suitable for patios, balconies and as house plants in sunny areas. They are the classic mandevilla.

The Original Sun Parasol® Mandevillas have the widest color range, including the first stable dark red and crimson, shades of pink, white and novelties. Plants have good branching, neat foliage and are natural climbers.

The Pretty Group, which comes in Pink, Crimson, Deep Pink and Deep Red, offers superior branching and vigorous growth. Flower size is the same as the original group, but foliage is glossy, thinner and more vining. Pretty varieties also are more cold tolerant. This group will bring added value to Sun Parasol® and will indicate high quality and standards.

Sundiascia® is a completely new form of diascia that offers market benefits along with a stunning show of colors. This new shape also saves growing and shipping space and prevents breaks from the center. Exceptional display of blooms over a very long period.

More robust than other Diascia with longer flower spikes, they will give a stunning display in containers and borders all summer long and into the autumn.

Perfect for patio containers and landscapes, Sungelonia® Angelonias offer superb heat and humidity tolerance throughout the summer. Plants have excellent branching and bloom profusely. Deep pink is especially noteworthy.

Unlike the others, the uniformity of our new Angelonia emphasizes an elegant upright look that creates the essence of beauty.

Sunrosa® Roses are beautiful, compact and bushy ideal for small to medium landscape spaces and patio containers. They need less pruning and are easy to care for.

From May through October, ‘Sunrosa® Red’ and ‘Sunrosa® Yellow’ received perfect scores for foliage quality in the University of Georgia’s trials assessing disease resistance.

Suntory® Lobelia was bred for heat tolerance and offers good summer performance, a trend in Lobelia breeding. Suntory® is available in four colors – Compact Sky Blue, Compact Pink Compact White and Compact Blue. It is upright with dense and heavy flowering.

Sunvillea® is opening up new possibilities for bougainvillea. Sunvillea® comes in Rose (bright fuchsia color), Pink (soft pink), and Cream (really soft yellow).

Sunvillea® Bougainvilleas debuted in the United States at the Tropical Plant Industry Exposition in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and were a big hit, winning ‘The Best New Flowering Plant’ Award based on attendee votes in 2011.

Popular in Europe, Surdaisy® produces hundreds of flowers in continuous color, March through October. Durable plants withstand cold, rain and sun. Excellent branching.

Pink has largest flowers and darkest foliage. Yellow is unique. White and Mauve make excellent groundcovers. The varieties work great in combinations and also as mono crop.

One of the most heat tolerant bedding plant offers continuous color through summer's harshest condition. Surdiva's® performance is second to none in university trials throughout the United States. Novel, fan-shaped blossoms are available in four colors.

Surfinia® has the best-performing mounding varieties. With strong central branching and upright habit, they produce attractive, rounded plants that are perfect for patio containers and excellent for 4-inch and gallon production.

While typical double petunias don't fare well in the weather, Surfinia® Summer Doubles™ have extraordinary heat and rain tolerance. They flower early, have a tight, mounding shape with many branches and are uniform across the series.

Surfinia® was the very first vegetative petunia series. It reinvented the category and lead the vegetative annuals revolution. Surfinia® Petunias are No. 1 in Europe, where brilliant cascades fall from window boxes everywhere.

Tapien® Verbenas make the perfect groundcover, carpeting an area up to 3 feet wide and crowding out weeds. Constantly in bloom, they're impervious to heat, humidity and light frosts, thriving where other verbenas fail. Extraordinary in hanging baskets, too.

Temari® Patio varieties have a growth habit unlike any other verbena. Strong, centrally branched plants form tall mounds of color quickly. Great combined with trailing types in patio pots. Plants produce vibrant color through fall.

Temari® Trailing varieties grow vigorously in the landscape, spreading up to 4 feet across! Plants bloom profusely as large, cheerful clusters of flowers continuously appear spring through fall. Perfect for hanging baskets. Winter hardy in mild climates.