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Argyranthemum frutescens

Big, Beautiful Blooms!

Grandaisy® has impressive flower size and vigor achieved through an intergeneric cross protected by a utility patent. Highly advanced breeding has created a superior result. Produce for early spring through late spring sales. As a cooler crop, Grandaisy can be grown with osteospermum, diascia, nemesia and Senetti. Growers get a big return with just one cutting per container.

Height: 18 to 24-inches
46 to 61-centimeters
Spread: 12 to 25-inches
30 to 63-centimeters
Seasons: Early Spring, Spring
Colors: Red
Vigor: Compact
Earliness: Early
Usage: Container Gardens, Gardens, Hanging Baskets, Landscapes, Pollinator Plant
Media: Well-drained peat/perlite mix
pH: 5.8 to 6.8
Fertilization: Medium | 200 ppm
Light: High
Water: Well-Drained to Moist
Rooting Temp: 68°F to 75°F | 20°C to 24°C
Rooting Hormone: No
Days Under Mist: 4 to 7-days
Pinch Before
Average Prop Time: 3 to 4-weeks
Growing Temp Day: 65°F to 79°F | 18°C to 26°C
Growing Temp Night: 50°F to 61°F | 10°C to 16°C
Pinching: One or two pinches are beneficial for 4 and 6-inch containers, and up to 3 pinches for larger patio containers. Less pinches are necessary when grown cooler.
PGR: Spray 5-20 ppm Sumagic or Drench; 2-3 ppm Bonzi. Apply as needed.
Pests: Monitor for thrips, aphids, whiteflies and leaf miners.
Diseases: Apply a broad-spectrum fungicidal drench after planting to avoid botrytis and root rot.
Crop Timing from Rooted Liners:
4-inch: 6 to 7-weeks with 1 ppp
6-inch: 6 to 7-weeks with 1 ppp
8-inch: 7 to 9-weeks with 3 ppp
Deco Container: 9 to 12-weeks with 5 ppp
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