Suntory Flowers Variety View – Surf’s Up

Suntory Flowers Variety View - Surf’s Up
Surfinia 30th Anniversay! Peak season through summer, Surfinia petunias hold up to the elements — heat, wind and rain. Many of the classic varieties have the cold tolerance to be grown outside early.
Our Suntory Mixers combo kits make it easy to choose Surfinia blends in trendy mono color schemes like Plum Perfection, Pink Cheer and Heavenly Blues. Or the essential red-white-and-blue, Patriot Mix. Double Romance blends three Surfinia Summer Doubles perfectly. Surf’s Up is perfect for Main Street baskets with its lush vigor. Suntory Mixers are available at partner farms that ship combo kits.
Surfinia Double Romance Surfinia Heavenly Blues
Surfinia Patriot Mix Surfinia Pink Cheer
Surfinia Plum Perfection Surfinia Surf's Up'
URC SOURCES: Kientzler, Vivero Internacional
ONE GENETIC INNOVATION: The story behind Surfinia, the revolutionary petunia. SURFINIA HEAVENLY BLUE: This top seller debuted 5 years ago.