About Suntory Flowers

About Suntory Flowers

Suntory Flowers is part of the Suntory family of companies, encompassing 321 different companies worldwide and more than 38,000 employees. Our network of companies are involved in everything from food and beverage to health supplements and of course, flowers. At Suntory Flowers, we’re focused on the intersection of modern genetics, innovation and the joy of gardening. Everything we sell — from Million Bells and Surfinia to Senetti and Princettia — is designed with one goal in mind: to help our customers provide premium plants for consumers’ homes and gardens around the world.

Our dedicated network of unrooted cuttings producers and young plant operations around the globe, ensure that every grower and retailer has easy and reliable access to clean starter material for dependable production.


Delilah Onofrey

Marketing Director

1-440-522-1447 delilah@suntoryflowers.com