Suntory Flowers Variety View – Brindabella Purple Prince Wins A.R.T.S. Award

Brindabella Purple Prince Wins Sustainable Landscape Performance Award

WE’RE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE Brindabella Purple Prince has earned a 2021 Local Artist award, bestowed by American Rose Trials for Sustainability (A.R.T.S.). The organization identifies the hardiest and most disease- and pest-resistant rose cultivars through regional testing under low-input conditions. The region Purple Prince won spans the Northern Midwest and Northeast, confirming the plant’s hardiness in Zone 5 and even Zone 4. Although we knew this anecdotally, the A.R.T.S. program is a thorough evaluation. Roses that win at least four regional awards become Master Rose winners. Brindabella roses have excelled in Southern and Northern trials since the series, bred by John and Sylvia Gray in Australia, debuted in 2018. With North American trials results, we can make hardiness claims with confidence. Brindabella varieties have also been evaluated by American Garden Rose Selections, and those results will be announced this summer. Stay tuned!

Brindabella Purple Prince
Brindabella Roses - Time to start smelling the roses
Brindabella Roses offer Form, Function & Fragrance: Large, double-petaled, fragrant flowers; Dense foliage, bushy growth habit; Excellent resistance to black spot and powdery mildew; Well-suited to home gardens and commercial landscapes.
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