Suntory Flowers Variety View – Surfinia Petunia Performance

SURFINIA® Heavenly Cabernet
Choose Surfinia For Summer Performance. Surfinia petunias have always been selected to perform in hot, humid summer conditions.
SURFINIA® Purple Heart
Surfinia Purple Heart won the Top 10 performer award at the University of Minnesota
Surfinia Purple Heart petunias
This was really stellar. Best flowers of all trials I had. Very nice plant.
SURFINIA® Heartbeat Improved
One of our top sellers, Surfinia Heartbeat Improved also looked fabulous at Mast Young Plants and other trial gardens.
A definite winner with tons of blooms.
SURFINIA® Purple Starshine
Surfinia Purple Starshine has also performed well in trial gardens and in our sample recipients gardens.
Strong grower with color all season long.
Good performer at all trials I have seen.
SURFINIA® Heavenly Cabernet
This gorgeous new variety is helping us build a heavenly class within Surfinia petunias.
Held up better than other genetics.
Surfinia XXL Taffy Pink is the beginning of a new series with large flowers but very controlled growth habit.
Loved the grandiflora flower size and darker pink color.
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