New Ways to Display Princettia Poinsettias this Holiday Season

Nothing says the holidays like a poinsettia.
This year, try something new with festive Princettia Poinsettias.

Princettia - Euphorbia 342- Mix

Beautiful Colors

These colorful parts of the Poinsettia plant, often referred to as flowers, are actually modified leaves called bracts. The real flowers are small, yellow and appear at the tip of the stem surrounded by the bract.

Princettia - Euphorbia - 7644 - Bonpri 9172 - Indian Red 9

Princettia Poinsettias are available in a variety of colors, including Pure White, Pink, Sparkling Rosé, Hot Pink, Sparking Rouge, Dark Pink, Red, and Pure Red.

Princettia - Euphorbia - 7648 - Bonpri 974 - Pure White 2
Princettia - Euphorbia - 7648 - Bonpri 974 - Pure White 2

Holiday Decorations

Looking for new places to display your poinsettia? Place a plant on a side or serving table. Remove the foil and set the plant in a decorative container.

Princettia - Euphorbia - 7648 - Bonpri 974 - Pure White 2

Use poinsettias as a centerpiece for your holiday meals. Place several potted poinsettias in the middle of the table. Princettia® poinsettia are compact and with its abundant vibrant flowers make the perfect table design. Your guests will be able to see across the table as they visit over dinner, enjoying the holiday ambience created by these beautiful plants.

Princettia - Euphorbia - Mix 1

Try a hot pink poinsettia in a white pot or several different colors set in a serving tray, basket, or unique container.

Holiday Table Decorations

Dress up each place setting with a cut poinsettia bloom. Simply cut the flowers off a Princettia poinsettia plant to the desired length. Place it in the water-filled tubes that are used for cut flowers. Tuck the bloom into a napkin, set it in a small bud vase or add a ribbon to dress it up.

Beyond the Holidays…

Extend the look beyond Christmas by planting your Princettia poinsettias in pots that fit your home décor. Go rustic with wood or hammered or galvanized metal containers. Oblong shapes enhance this look. Place a few smaller plants next to each other in a wider container. Or go sleek and modern with simple ceramics. White really makes the pinks pop!

Princettia poinsettias will last for months in your home so you can enjoy them through the winter months. To keep the plants happy, water once a week and keep away from drafty doorways.

Princettia - Euphorbia - Mix 1
Princettia - Euphorbia - Mix 1

Add to Winter Centerpieces

Princettia poinsettias are the perfect size to add to any winter dish garden. Choose three or more plants and add them to your large container. Incorporate greenery by bringing in fresh cut winter greens or add small green plants.

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