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Rosa hybrid

Time to smell the roses!

Brindabella Roses™, a collection of tough shrub roses selected for superior garden performance and show-stopping flowers. These roses have a bushy growth habit, excellent disease resistance, and fragrant doubled flowers in an array of traditional and modern colors. These low maintenance roses are very vigorous yet grow to only 4 feet tall and wide in 2 years’ time. Very well suited to home gardens and commercial landscapes alike, the foliage is among the cleanest to be found in any shrub rose and the fragrance will stop any passerby in their tracks.

Height: 36 to 48-inches
91 to 122-centimeters
Spread: 36 to 48-inches
91 to 122-centimeters
Seasons: Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter – Southern Climates
Colors: Red turning fuchsia
Light Levels: Partial-Sun, Sun
Vigor: Vigorous
Earliness: Mid
Habit: Upright
Usage: Container Gardens, Gardens, Landscapes
Media: blend of bark, coir, peat sand and perlite
pH: 5.5 to 6.5
Fertilization: Medium | 250 ppm
Light: High
Water: Well-Drained to Moderate
Growing Temp Day: 70°F to 80°F | 21°C to 27°C
Growing Temp Night: 55°F to 65°F | 13°C to 18°C
Pinching: Optional
PGR: None needed
Pests: Two-spotted spider mites
Diseases: Downy Mildew
Crop Timing from Rooted Liners:
Deco Container: 14 to 20-weeks with 1 ppp
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