Poinsettia Queen Pink

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Euphorbia hybrid

Queen Size Color!

Princettia Queen™ Pink is a whole new plant category producing large, vivid pink bracts. This series is a midsized plant, in between the compact Princettias and standard poinsettia. It's for growers who would like to see the same vibrant color of our Princettia® line in a larger plant with bigger bracts.

Height: 6 to 12-inches
15 to 30-centimeters
Spread: 6 to 12-inches
15 to 30-centimeters
Seasons: Autumn, Winter
Colors: Pink
Light Levels: Partial-Sun, Sun
Vigor: Compact
Earliness: Early
Habit: Upright-Mounded
Usage: Container Gardens, Landscapes
Media: Well-drained peat/perlite mix
pH: 5.5 to 6.0
Fertilization: Medium | 25 ppm
Light: Moderate
Water: Moist to Moist
Growing Temp Day: 80°F to 8°F | 27°C to -13°C
Growing Temp Night: 70°F to 7°F | 21°C to -14°C
Pinching: Princettia varieties branch freely. In smaller container sizes, pinching is not a requirement. However, in larger containers (6 or 6.5 inch) pinching will produce a fuller plant. Consider using Cycocel after the pinch or the Florel sandwich technique before and after pinch to enhance uniform branching. If Cycocel or Florel are used, monitor height closely after the application. This may be the only time plant growth regulators are needed throughout production.
PGR: Princettia Queen varieties have medium vigor and benefit from light PGR applications. Growers can use Cycocel post pinch to even things up. PGR sprays and drenches are recommended. We have found success with Cycocel at 750-1250 ppm.
Pests: Monitor closely for whiteflies and watch root health throughout production.
Diseases: Botrytis can be a risk near or at harvest, especially on very ripe plants postharvest.
Crop Timing from Rooted Liners:
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