Mandevilla SunParasol Original Crimson_Z6S4118

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Mandevilla hybrid

Revolutionary Genetics!

The original Sun Parasols have the widest color range, including the first stable dark red and crimson, shades of pink, white, and now the first yellow! Plants have a bushy habit and are suitable for patio containers, hanging baskets, balconies, and bedding. You can train the vines to a trellis or support, too!

Height: 12 to 24-inches
30 to 61-centimeters
Spread: 24 to 36-inches
61 to 91-centimeters
Seasons: Spring, Summer
Colors: Crimson
Light Levels: Sun
Vigor: Vigorous
Earliness: Mid
Habit: Upright
Usage: Container Gardens, Hanging Baskets, Pollinator Plant
Media: Well-drained peat/perlite mix
pH: 5.5 to 6.0
Fertilization: Medium | 250 ppm
Light: High
Water: Dry to Well-Drained
Rooting Temp: 65°F to 80°F | 18°C to 27°C
Rooting Hormone: No
Pinch Before
Average Prop Time: 12 to 12-weeks
Growing Temp Day: 65°F to 70°F | 18°C to 21°C
Growing Temp Night: 65°F to 70°F | 18°C to 21°C
Pinching: Necessary to improve branching. Wait until the plants are fairly well-rooted before pinching.
Pests: Mites are the prime pest. Aphids, thrips, and whiteflies
Diseases: Good airflow helps prevent foliar leaf spot. Watering in the morning helps, too. Prevent Fusarium and Botrytis by keeping plants dry in the winter.
Crop Timing from Rooted Liners:
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