Suntory Flowers Variety View – New Varieties for the New Year

Suntory Flowers
Happy New Year 2020!
Our “Great 8” include: 1. Senetti White - Wake up from winter and kick off spring sales with the new Senetti featuring stunning white petals surrounding a dark blue center eye.
2. Surfinia Purple Starshine - New petunia brings star power to our Surfinia line. A bicolor novelty that has hot purple blooms with a stable star pattern will bring a star-studded 2020 to any garden!
3. Sun Parasol Garden White - joins Garden Crimson as a more compact mandevilla, ideal for small pots, window boxes and hanging baskets. This year’s mix of white and crimson will be a hit in hanging baskets.
4. Sun Parasol Mitebuster Red - is bursting onto the scene this year with bright red blooms and a plant that is naturally resistant to mites and leaf spot. This dipladenia is going to be a major force in 2020!
5. Sunrosa Yellow Delight - produces rich vibrant yellow roses on a disease resistant compact shrub rose. Dark yellow roses on this heat resistant Sunrosa will make the year shine for gardeners!
6. Granvia Gold - is ready to Supersize your Strawflowers! With intense yellow “papery” petals that bloom continuously through the season, this new variety is a must have for 2020! These plants look stunning in landscapes and large pots and are resistant to mildew.
7. Grandaisy Dark Pink - brings a new rich pink with a dark center eye to the Grandaisy line of intergeneric hybrids. Spring holidays will be popping with these peak season beauties.
8. Grandaisy Red Improved - brings better color retention to the Grandaisy line with a showier habit and a deeper red that pops!
How many of these Great 8 are you planning to add to your 2020 offering?
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