Suntory Flowers Variety View – We’ve Got Classic Blues!

Suntory Flowers Variety View
We've got classic blues!Every year we patiently wait for the new Pantone color to be announced for the New Year!
Surdiva Classic Blue will bring calming color to the hottest conditions as one of the most heat tolerant plants around.
blooming throughout the summer and well into the fall with unique fan-shaped flowers. Also, in Blue Violet and Sky Blue.
Classic Blue for the Cool Season is possible with Senetti Blue, Deep Blue, Blue Bicolor and Super Blue.
SURFINIA PETUNIAS. Surfinia Giant Blue will help transport the summer garden into a tranquil oasis when this blue Petunia brings its outstanding garden performance to hanging baskets, containers and landscapes.
SUMMER WAVE TORENIAS. Bring calmness to your shady areas with Summer Wave Bouquet Deep Blue and Trailing Large Blue.
Torenia Summer Wave Bouquet Deep Blue Torenia Trailing Large Blue
TEMARI VERBENAS. Easy-going Temari Patio Blue Verbenas will bring a sense of laidback beauty to your containers and beds with large blooms from spring to fall and powdery mildew resistant plants.
Verbena Temari Patio Blue Verbena Temari Trailing Blue
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