Suntory Flowers

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Top-Selling Sun Parasol® Colors:
  • Original Sunbeam – First yellow flower in the series. Beautiful buttery yellow blooms with high flower count.
Different Types of Sun Parasol® from which to Choose:

ORIGINAL – The Original group of Sun Parasol® mandevillas are smaller, but no less dramatic! They blend a bushy, vigorous habit with the widest color range in mandevillas available – including softly variegated blossom patterns such as Stars & Stripes® and ‘Cream Pink’. Deep crimson reds, rose pinks, and whites in this group are easy choices for great combos – giving the gardener not only a wide color flexibility but the flexibility to grow them as a bush or train as a vine. Very soon, gardeners will be able to take home Sun Parasol® ‘Sunbeam’ – the first yellow mandevilla in this series!

GIANT – For instant statement makers, choose Sun Parasol® Giant group cultivars, which sport large leaves, dramatic flowers, superb disease resistance, and vigorous vining growth. The robust, variegated foliage of ‘Giant Marbled Crimson’ is pure magic against its extra-large scarlet flowers; but if you’re into more simple statements, the elegant and award-winning ‘Giant White’ pairs vigorous, shiny green foliage with golden-throated white blossoms. Soft pinks and deeper pinks complete this groundbreaking group.

PRETTY – Sun Parasol® Pretty cultivars prioritize flower power against a more delicate glossy leaf – perfect for trellises when garden roses fade. ‘Pretty Pink’ and ‘Pretty Crimson’ will be covered all season with beautiful blooms on vigorous, vining foliage that takes ‘sophisticated’ to a whole new level, and displays increased frost tolerance.

GARDEN – The first bedding plant mandevilla that is naturally compact with powerful branching, perfect for landscapes and baskets.

Apricot – Gorgeous designer color is great as a bush or in a hanging basket.

Mitebuster Red – A mite-resistant Dipladenia that is bursting with deep red blooms on a compact, upright bush.

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Effortlessly Enjoy the Season!

When you’re deciding on the best plants to use to create a sense of vacation-at-home, nothing makes it as easy – or as beautiful – as the lush, tropical blossoms and glossy, vining foliage of Sun Parasol® mandevillas!

Summer should be all about enjoying our outside spaces to the limit – relaxing on the deck, chilling by a fire pit, and creating Instagrammable, atmospheric moments with friends and family. There’s no time for fussy, demanding plants that need too much from us during a busy season or wilt in the heat. Sun Parasol® mandevillas not only deliver an incredible choice of blossom color but provide striking, shiny foliage and a full appearance that looks greenhouse-great right up until your first frost – no deadheading necessary!

Easy Care

Sun Parasol® mandevillas benefit from a slow-release fertilizer added at planting time and organically-rich soil that is allowed to dry out slightly between waterings. Trellises are recommended if growing vertically, but you’ll find that the slightly woody framework of a Sun Parasol® mandevilla gives it much more stability than other vining annuals which need constant tying in.

Simply nudge and tuck the new tendrils in between the foliage of other plants or through your trellis when you pass by your beautiful container – encouraging them to head in the direction you want them to go.

With so many colors and foliage options to choose from, you’ll soon come to rely on Sun Parasol® mandevillas as the backbone of your summer displays!

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